Yesterday, after the prodding of our friend, Lifebidder, (see comments on previous post)  I called the offices of the state to talk to my good friend there who I thought could maybe help me with the dissatisfaction I have concerning the wrong information on Gertrude’s tombstone.  She wasn’t in, so I left a long, detailed message, voicing some of sadness I felt at the discrepancies.

Today I came home to a message from her and she was upbeat and cheerful and has already talked to the memorial company to see what it would take to get things corrected!  I am so excited!!!  It may not even cost anything.  She promised to call me back next week after someone got back to her.  What a wonderful turn of events!

Thanks, Lifebidder, for your willingness to encourage me to do something about it.  I will try to keep you posted.



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  1. I’m glad you were “prodded”, and glad you checked.

  2. If it costs anything just say the word. I wasn’t meaning to “prod” but rather to rally us all to honor Gertrude, who was a teacher to me even though she didn’t know I’ve got relatives buried in just those sort of graves…mw

  3. I am so happy for Gertrude!  It shows that her life was of value to have this change made.  Good for you, BEG, for pursuing this. 

  4. Good for Lifebidder for encouraging me.  There is more to this story — some wonderful developments.  I can’t wait to tell, but it has to wait until the kinks are all worked out.

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