Everyone is putting on pictures of the snow

So, here are some from Shady Acres


Just out my front door, during the storm, I was trying to take some pictures of our poor Magnolia when I realized that I was in danger of being dumped on by what was hanging from the gutter just over my head.  Certain Man says the gutter is done for.


This is my little refuge for the birds after about a foot of snow had fallen, and Certain man dug a path in and replenished the seed.  It has been a very popular place, and we are glad that we were able to provide a safe haven for our feathered friends.

028snow 004

This is our Magnolia by the light of the morning after our lane had been plowed as compared to the same tree after the beautiful snow earlier last week.
Certain Man thinks he will wait until spring, trim it back,
and see if he can possibly save it.
“It’s going to look pretty beat up for a while,”
He said cheerfully, “but I think it will come back.”
(How very much I hope he is right!)


This is Our Girl Nettie’s bird feeder that is right outside her window.  I cleared it off from her window yesterday, put warm water in the bird bath, and that lasted about an hour until it was froze over.  I knew that warm water freezes faster than cold (why is that???  I know that it is true, though because I have tested the theory over the years with back yard chicken flocks and such!) but I wanted the birds to have a brief respite with some warm water.
However, none ever came (that I saw, anyhow!).


This is the farmhouse at Shady Acres
all staunch and steady in this cold, cold snow.
We are bracing for another possible Nor’easter
coming in sometime tomorrow night
and lasting until Wednesday evening.
I don’t know what to think.

Check it out here:


That Mr. fly_rod  keeps calling (from Branson, MO, where he is safely at a Conklin gathering of some sort) and telling me that I need to stop praying for snow. NOW.
I am going on record right here
for the information of all to note. 

 I am not permitted to pray for snow.

Certain Man hath forbidden it almost to a condition of our marriage.  So I do not pray for snow.  I am not even allowed to enjoy it with any obvious pleasure.  To be honest, I try to honor not only the letter, but the spirit of THE LAW and contain any postitive feelings I have.  This was especially reinforced after riehlfarmwife ‘s husband of few words used some of those few words to comment about females who — well, you will just have to read the comments after my Saturday post.  He certainly endeared himself to Certain Man, and a few other males of like precious faith.  Oh, dear. 

I will grant you that things would look different if I was responsible for all the outdoor things that need doing as well as digging all the people out whom Certain Man likes to help.  I think he may even be helping to clear Bontrager Road even as I write.  He really is a Man of incredible skills and unusual strength and ability.  He got down to his friend, Jake Bender’s, ranch yesterday, got his bolt welded and it has been holding steady through the many projects he has undertaken since.  Eldest Son and His Fair Regina made it home yesterday (and spent the night here, to my great delight) so that was one less thing for him to be concerned about, and I could tell that it improved his outlook greatly.  The State of Delaware is shut down today, so he is rejoicing in that, as well.  He isn’t likely to spend the day reposing on his chair, and I have a feeling he will be one tired guy when this day is done.

Keep warm, you all, and if anyone needs a place to be, give us a call!!!


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  1. I’m feeling awefully sorry for that tree.  You all had a mighty snow…and I can’t imagine more coming.  We haven’t had the winds.  I was wondering, if I’d happen to stop by, would there be any soup left?

  2. The landscape changes help us remember these eventful years. I’m so blessed my husband enjoys snow as much as I do. And he finally got his igloo made after all these years. Thanks for contacting the newspaper!

  3. Calvin enjoyed your posts.  Just now he is wondering why anyone believes in global warming.  He says that the their logic is, “Let’s not burn coal to stay warm durning the snowstorm because that might cause global warming, and that would be bad.”  He is a fan of global warming, especially as he watches the freezing rain fall outside- the freezing rain that might turn into 14 inches of snow before it’s done.

  4. “During”.  That word that looks bad is supposed to be “during”.

  5. Thanks for the update.  I have been wondering if the bird shelter was accessible to the birds or snowed under.  You will remember the winter of ’09-’10 forever and the challenges it brought.I enjoyed reading your daughters letter.  My, we have so much to be grateful for in the U.S.A.   She will be very happy to be back home again.

  6. Oh, you made me laugh out loud again. I just love your humor.

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