The staples are out!!!  Daniel took me down and almost right away they got them out.  I can’t say it was comfortable, but it was actually better than I thought it might be.  The afternoon has been tough.  I was glad for good diversion.  Jimmy stopped with some delectable cupcakes that Emma had baked for us.  Wonderful Chocolate with coconut filling.  JR and Linda came with supper — ham, baked sweet potatoes, asparagus, green beans, and a beautiful bowl of mixed fresh fruit.  Lemonade and sweet tea topped off a wonderful meal.  Sweet fellowship and comfortable friendship made it all so special.

Daniel went to do chores, then.  The pain was pretty tough, and I thought that maybe when he left to go out I would have myself a little cry, but then the doors opened and in came Jesse and Christina and Charis.  That was a good diversion.  My precious grandbaby gave my “owie” some gentle strokes and listened to her favorite stories.  Before they left, I was able to take some pain meds, and  since they are gone, did some physical therapy.  Daniel went and got two big bags of ice from the hispanic market and I have had a half an hour of ice on it, so I think I will try to climb up the stairs and sleep tonight.  Deborah had to go to work, and so maybe I will need to be available in the morning for some of the easier things.

Thanks so much for all the prayers and encouragement, dear friends.  I am so blessed.  I pray that the kindness you’ve shown me will come back to bless you! 



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  1. I’m glad your family and friends are taking such good care of you.  Bless them!  Hope your pain will decrease, and your joys increase.  It was good to catch up on everything since your surgery.  I don’t get over to xanga very much any more.

  2. Sounds like your family and friends are making things easier for you as you recover. I am sure Charis’s gentle touch made the ‘owie’ much better.

  3. hang in there honey……………I just want to bless your family and friends who must have an ear to the Lord to know your needs…………and to the Lord who has His Hand on that knee………….a medically enhanced miracle in the making.

  4. fill some cotton bags with ‘dried’ corn then freeze. They make awesome ice bags. take care!

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