Guess what, Dear Friends!

I can




(at least it didn’t at the time . . . last night, trying to sleep it was a little different story, but anyhow–)

Do you know how long it has been since I could put a shovel to the ground, lean on it with either foot and not have pain?  or even have the strength to follow through?  I am so pleased this morning for this gift.

It’s a gorgeous day in Delaware.  The sun is shining, the birds are ecstatic, the grass needs mowing,

And the poultry alarm is going bonkers!!!

Certain Man had to make a flying trip home to save the situation.  One of our houses goes out tonight — at less than 7 weeks old.  That is really unusual.  The other one tomorrow night.  Certain Man isn’t a happy camper about the split nights.  He is alone at Kent County’s Plumbing Inspector Department, (colleague is out on an education week, and part timer is pretty much on his own schedule), and with the slight upturn in the building trade, inspections are up.  He has lots to do today.  Since he came home and took care of the alarm, there will be no lunch hour for him.  (He can eat on the run, and he will be okay.) 

I wanted to post a picture from my lunch out with my girlies:

This is Charis’ reaction to crab soup.

She wasn’t quite so against it by the time she had a few more bites.

The other thing that I wanted to share with you were some pictures from Youngest Son’s graduation.

He graduated from Bryn Mawr on May 16th with his Masters in Social Work.  He had gotten a job before he graduated that involves going into the ghetto and evaluating the status of people who are receiving assistance.  It is a heartbreaking job, and “No, Mom, it isn’t very safe . . .” but he is applying for some other jobs, and we are hopeful that there might be another position that will use the training that he has received in counseling.  Anyhow, just a pictorial update to keep you all entertained.


There are no males in the undergraduate program at Bryn Mawr, and out of the 124 graduate students, there were only 22 males.  So Lem was one of twenty two graduating that day with around 500 females (One graduation for the whole kit, kat and Kaboodle).  It was pretty exciting! This is Lem on the steps of the building where he has spent a lot of hours in the last year.  I think he is proclaiming his freedom!  Not only from the educational demands, but also, all that estrogen.


There is some female influence that he doesn’t get tired of, and that is his lovely wife, Jessica-

This day was an incredible milestone for them, and for their life together.

They have a friend that lives with them who shares rent and living expenses.  She is like a sister to them, and is an integral part of their lives (and consequently, ours).  Rachel Yoder graduated with Lem from Cedarville University last May, and moved to Philadelphia with them and also was in graduate school.  She graduated the day after Lem from UPenn.  Here are the three of them.


Some random pictures:

Aren’t we a sorry looking crew!  (well, especially that poor soul in the front middle . . .) We had to park across campus and a shuttle bus picked us up and took us over to the graduation area.


Charis loves driving anywhere that she doesn’t need to be in a car seat.  And she didn’t have to be restrained in the shuttle, so she was showing off and enjoying the ride.


Once at the graduation area, there was a tent set up, and there was both inside and outside seating.  It was HOT in the sun, Cold in the shade, and hard to find a good place.  But it was beautiful.  What an incredible campus!

Jessica’s Mom and Dad are the couple that is sitting, properly and quietly.  The rest of our crew kinda took a long time to decide where to sit.  It really was a mess.  And the chairs weren’t the most comfortable for me.  Somehow the height was wrong for my knees, and it wasn’t exactly easy to sit.  But SIT, we did.  Eventually.

Here is a better picture of Jessica, Lem, Lynn and Larry.  It meant alot to us that Jessica’s Dad and Mom came to Lem’s grad.  It was the most gorgeous day, and I said to Certain Man, “Larry is the one who has sacrificed the most to be at grad today.  On this perfect weather day, I’m certain he would have much rather been out on his boat, but he gave it up to come.”  He has a lovely boat, and he works so hard all the time.  Saturdays and Sundays are his days to get away from it all.  Going to a graduation really wasn’t “getting away” at all.

And we got him all graduated, to our great delight!



Lem is totally in love with his little niece.  He takes every opportunity he has to develop relationship with her that is something of value to her . . .

. . . but he wasn’t going to let her go off with his diploma.  She tried hard, but he held tight.


Here’s our family — minus Raph and Gina, on the lawn after grad.  What a great day!

(But Raph and Gina — How very much we missed you!)




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  1. Hurrah for all the good news! I amso happy you are nearly entirely pain free. Looks like a lovely day for graduation. Your pictures are very nice. I can not believe how fast Charis is growing, she is certainly thriving under all the love and attention she gets.

  2. What a great day! I loved all the pictures, especially that family shot. Too bad Raph and Gina had to miss it. But that’s how it is when a family is spread out.

  3. I am also so excited to hear you are pain free!!!!!!!! what a joy in life!Looks like you are staying busy as usual!

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