Most of you know that when it comes to Facebook, I tend to be a reluctant user at best and sometimes it doesn’t even hit there —

Tonight I have the soul sick feeling of resentment, and after a certain facebook post, I want to write, “DISLIKE! DISLIKE!! DISLIKE!!!”  (Nobody get paranoid!!!  It could actually be any of a number of them over my tenure with this medium–)

Oh, Lord Jesus!  How can I come to you with my imperfections, my inferior performances, my paltry offerings and my sniveling attitudes and expect you not to write at the end of the posting of my life, “DISLIKE! DISLIKE!! DISLIKE!!!”?

Give me grace and courage, Dear Father.  Empty this wicked heart of its bitterness and critical attitude.  Calm this storm with the power of your presence and the reminder of how much Grace you’ve extended to me in my ignorance and self will and even good intentions gone wrong.

And most of all, when all is said and done, may it be Your Own Hand, hitting the “Like” button and welcoming me home.

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  1. I so fully understand………I have been in the same shoes at times with face book …Look me up sometime need more friends 🙂 anyone who see this add me !

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