Glorious Mornings in July

The last two mornings have been so beautiful!  Temps in the low 60’s early in the mornings, breezes and sunshine, low humidity and NO Air Conditioning needed!

Youngest Daughter had her babysitting charges here today, and Christina brought Charis down to play for a little while.  What is more fun than three kids and a wagon?  (Especially when a big strong cousin pedals the trike that totes the wagon on behind!)

He is so strong, he can even drive over the bumpy grass!

And swing me in the swing! 

The boys like to climb trees, too.

And Charis likes to snuggle with Auntie Rach.

This day hasn’t turned out like I had planned — Easter Seals called me to come get Cecilia because “she was crying.”  I decided that if it was serious enough to go and get her, it was serious enough to take her to the doctor.  He had an opening at 10:45, so the timing was exactly right.  She really isn’t sick, but I’m sure she must not be quite feeling good — So I have her sitting in her chair, and I am feeling rough enough my self to go and rest a little.  I hate this business of getting old.  I especially hate it when all around me is the energy of youth, accomplishing great things while I seem to barely be able to function.  It makes me feel lazy, but I am learning that I can never really compete with the energy of Youngest Daughter.  I guess there was a time when I could, but, I kid you not — my “get up and go” has certainly “got up and WENT!” and I’m not sure where to find it!


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5 responses to “Glorious Mornings in July

  1. lady….you’ve been thru 2 surgeries…it’s really what you can expect. energy will return…slowly.  take heart….hugs…

  2. Great pictures, sweet times.

  3. I want you to know how much your posts have encouraged me ,you are an amazing woman ! You never know the people you have reached by your inspiration…You have reached me and touch me in so many ways !

  4. “they” say, you’re as old as  you feel and that’s exactly what worries me! We all have our days don’t we?

  5. I am sure your energy will return.  Those knee surgeries take a lot out of a person.  But maybe it is time for you to relax and smell the roses and feel the cool breezes and enjoy your granddaughter.  She  is getting so big.  What a joy she must be.

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