Youngest Daughter, Thailand, and Yard Sales

Youngest Daughter has been accepted in the REACH program.  It looks very much like she will be going to Thailand.  At least that is what she has been accepted for.  Those of us who are REACH parents know that this could change.  Things might, or it might not, go how she plans.

My heart is more than a little bit on “hold” these days.  She will be working with children and women who have been rescued from the human trafficking trade that is so prevalent (but so abominable!).  I guess my main concern is that I don’t want her heart to be hardened by the sin that is in this old world, and I wonder how to deal with her being gone, essentially a full year.  I am sure that she has been guided by her Heavenly Father in the choices she has made concerning this, and God has gone out of His way to confirm and bring people into her life when she has been at the very lowest emotionally– second guessing her decision, trying to make sense of everything, and trying to determine how she is going to cope with an all girls team in a foreign conuntry.  It has just been incredible to this old Mama.  God remains the biggest source of reassurance and comfort that holds me (and her) steady.  Most of the time, she is working hard, saving her money, trying her best to be as mature about this as possible.  Most of the time, I am choosing to not think about it.

One of the ways that she is raising money for this project is that she is having a yard sale here at Shady Acres this Saturday.  It is a very unwell kept secret that Certain Man and Certain Man’s Wife are not big fans of Yard/garage Sales.  However, this is the week that I am going through many, many things and getting things organized to put out on the garage sale.  Profits from our part of the sale will go to Rachel’s REACH fund.  (I am considering selling homemade lemonade and MAYBE Cinnamon Rolls.  I have to see how things go this week.)

Anyone else that wants to set up a table for their own purposes — Come on down!  We’ll be glad to give you yard space.  Certain Man only requests that you are responsible to bring your own tables and set up your own section.  This morning he said that if it rains, we will set things up in the pavilion — as long as it isn’t windy. And just so we are clear, here.  YOUR sale is YOUR SALE.  Not for Rachel’s REACH fund.

Hope to see some of you!


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6 responses to “Youngest Daughter, Thailand, and Yard Sales

  1. What an exciting time for you and your family. Fritz was stationed in Thailand in 1966, he says it will be quite an experience and such a beautiful country for her to see. I hope the weather cooperates and you have a great yard sale. 

  2. My niece spent a summer in Thailand several years ago and found the experience very rewarding.  She was working with children as well.I pray your yard sale goes well.  If we lived closer we could check it out!

  3. It will be a life-changing experience for her and you. Those who ‘leave’ may forget that it’s hard for those who stay ‘behind’. I know it was very difficult for my parents when we were away… as you know more acutely than some.

  4. Aunt Mary Ann,I don’t know if you are familiar with the magazine “Books a Culture”. It is put out by Christianity Today, but it is more of an academic journal with articles by Christian and Roman Catholic College Professors from all over the place. I have really enjoyed it, but anyway their cover article for the latest issue is on American Christians’ responses to human trafficking. There is one group in particular, International Justice Mission, that is doing some real good work delivering women from this situation. You should be very proud of Rachel, but you also really should commit to pray daily for her and her team. The Lord will protect them, but the enemy will also be at work. The answer is not to pull Rachel back to the “safety” of Delaware, but to deliberately pray for her daily, starting right now.

  5. ryc:  methinks I heard a whine or 2 in your comment on my site. But it does somedays seem like there is no end to the disruptions and concerns. Happy Anniversery my dear friend may you have many more.

  6. That’s so good that she’s helping those children and women.  It won’t make her hardened but aware.  Life isn’t always roses, especially for these women.  It’ll make her appreciate how good she has it back home.

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