Our Girl, Nettie

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day — with grapes to pick and can into concentrate, butternut squash to pick, and my patch of pole limas to pick.  I was so pleased with Our Girl Nettie.  She volunteered all day down at Stockley Center, came home, watered her birds, and then started shelling lima beans.  She shelled a five gallon bucket (that was filled to overflowing) all by herself!

Nettie has had some health issues over these last months,
and sometimes lives with back pain that is debilitating.
But she loves nothing better than helping, and is happiest when she does.
My “Best Helper Award” for shelling lima beans goes to Nettie!

Thank-you, Nettie-girl!

You were a big help!

We love you!



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  1. How very, very, special. Was this one of your biggest picking of beans? Mark thought he had killed his patch with some kind of bug spray but they are coming back fairly well. While he is in Kenya he told Alvin he could have this weeks picking. Mark said to his surprise they are coming back strong and this weeks picking might be the biggest yet.

  2. Oh, those limas look so good!  Can you believe I’m the only one in my family who likes them?!  Audrey is a hard worker!

  3. Good job, Audrey!  What a huge day’s work – I don’t know what she does at Stockley Center, but it makes me tired just reading about her day.  Shelling peas/beans can be relaxing, but it sure can be hard on the fingers!My Daddy always kept a big garden, but hasn’t been able to in a couple of years.  This year I decided to have a small garden, and it turned out to be VERY small!  Only a few tomato plants survived my efforts. 

  4. Good for her!  I bet her “mom” has been a great example! 

  5. Audrey! That was wonderful! And I love the picture…You have spread your sunshiny smile to me

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