“Thankful Wall Mural #17”

Our Middle Daughter just finished the latest “Thankful Wall” mural
and got it securely fastened to the wall.
“I think this part gets easier every year,” she said cheerfully.
(And it does!)

This shows the details a bit better.
I am so pleased with the results. 
But then, I always love her creations.
Every year I think it is my favoritest one of all!


Here is the “whole story”

If you should happen to be by our house in the next few months,
Please take a moment to sign our wall with your name
and something that you are thankful for from the year that is just past.

Even if you stop in to just sign the wall, you are welcome!
You will find the mural on the wall behind the door that comes into the utility room from the garage.
It will be a joy to have you!
(I’ll even fix you a cup of hot chocolate while you do your writing.)



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11 responses to ““Thankful Wall Mural #17”

  1. That is beautiful! It might be my favorite too 😉

  2. Such a nice thing to do each year! This is beautiful.

  3. The Mural is Beautiful!!      And what a sweet way to invite someone to your home!

  4. Love it…..sign for me please……so thankful for Grace for today and His Hope!

  5. beautiful!  I am guessing you smile everytime you walk by it.I am thankful for pretty blogs and sweet bloggers, people like you that I spend part of my time with in cyberspace.

  6. Do you save them from year to year? It’s such a wonderful tradition!!

  7. What a great idea. Is it painted directly on the wall, or does MD do it on paper, or what? I love it. I keep a “thankful journal” where I try to jot things daily for which I give thanks, but I love the idea of having it on the wall for others can join in.

  8. @ColeenSr –  Yes, we do save them from year to year. I love going back and reading the old ones. So many of the people we love have gone on to Heaven over the last seventeen years, and there is this “tug of Heaven” when I read their entries.@lazonya75 –  Zonya, Deborah started by painting it on a piece of white “butcher” paper, and it was only a few feet long. That filled up so fast, so we started making it bigger. A few years ago, we started to use the heavy brown paper that you can get by the rolls. When we put it up on the wall, we use masking tape, and then when we take it down, we use that same tape to “bind” the sides so it won’t tear as easily. Also, if we put it on paper, we can save it from year to year. And I am always pleased when I hear of people who do the same thing. We actually did it one year at the regional hymn sing, and that was a really precious thing, too. It’s a great activity for a church family to do. We usually leave it up until New Years. I think it is our best loved family tradition!

  9. A great idea!  Did Debra do the painting?  If I still lived in DE, I’d stop in (:

  10. I would love to come and sign your wall however………. distance permits

  11. I’m not artsy, and I certainly don’t paint, but I think I’ll put something up anyway, even if it isn’t as beautiful as yours. Thanks so much for the idea.

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