Daniel’s Village

Certain Man began his Christmas Village work in earnest last week.  With Youngest Daughter coming home for Thanksgiving week, and our family wanting to have “Little Christmas” while she is home with us, he looked at his schedule and saw chickens coming in, a nephew’s wedding, and then commissioning for Rachel and said, “If I’m going to have this done before she comes home, I need to get busy!”

And so, he did!



Slowly, under his careful craftsmanship, it took shape:




And what would we have ever done without the help of Middle Daughter?  I took these next pictures to show how she really does endanger life and limb to organize the shelf over the basement steps so that all the boxes fit there properly. 

With lots of tender care —


. . .she turns this                                                                                into this!



My precious pilgrims take second place.  I still have many of them out (and actually just received a beautiful set from Cracker barrel this week that I set up).  But I know their time is limited this year.  Soon it will be time to hang the stockings and set up the tree.  In the meantime, Certain Man worked and worked and finally, last night, it was time to turn on the lights.


And so, the Christmas Village at Shady Acres is open for business.
Come on down and see it if you get a chance!


Besides, the Thankful Wall is still up, and many a person has escaped without giving thanks.
So there’s lots of room there to put your thanks into words for the rest of us to see.
I even filled our nine quart canister with Yutzy’s Hot Chocolate Mix, and I’ll fix you a cup and you can sit a spell and chat.

I couldn’t mean it more.  Hope to see some of you over the next few weeks.



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9 responses to “Daniel’s Village

  1. Beautiful!  I sure wish I could come see it in person.  I would also love to write on your thankful wall.  I have so much to be thankful for.I hope your Thanksgiving/Little Christmas are wonderful times of fellowship with your family!

  2. I recognize that village, I think! Did Doris and Cerwin visit you sometime last year and show pictures of it on her blog? It looks beautiful!

  3. That time of year again already. It looks so cozy and inviting! I’ve been enjoying the village these last couple of years since we almost crossed paths IRL. I would love to share a mug of hot chocolate and chat with you!

  4. Such a marvel!  I love seeing it every year.

  5. What a beautiful village. You can tell so much love and dedication goes into it just by looking at it. What a terrific way to roll into the Christmas season!PS. I tried to rec this & your rec button just isn’t cooperating 😦

  6. Your traditions are heart warming! CM’s village is so beautiful!Your daughter deserves a pat on the back for getting all those boxes neatly stored away!

  7. Beautiful!!   My friend, Sue, has oodles of those houses and buildings.   Each year, she puts hers out too.  She arranges several on top of her kitchen cabinets, with greenery..SO PRETTY!!!  How many do you have?    I’d LOVE to visit and chat with you, and have a cup of that hot chocolate. 

  8. Wow!! You have been writing this week!! I just finally caught up as I sit here at the hairdresser. I just love the village, as always. Dick will look at it and say, “Some year we need to go down there and see that.” How that will ever happen, I do not know. Your story of discovering your gift of writing is so interesting. I started writing stories in 7th grade. I was writing all the time, but became frustrated when I could never figure out how to end the story! So most of my writing has been in the form of letters and, in the past five years, my blog. I had a 10th grade English teacher (male) at the public school, as well as two female teachers at Manheim Christian to whom I owe my attention to grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

  9. If we get to DE before Christmas I will have to come for a cup of coffee some morning and see this village. Looks so neat.

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