Proof that, in fact, there is quite a bit of laughter going on at Shady Acres!

Middle front:  Rachel
Middle back:  Deborah
Right:  Holly
Left:  Carmen
This was a gathering of the four single cousins of marriageable age.
I think it is a stellar group!
These gals are best friends!



This is also proof that
brave Girlies can smile even when they know
that they are saying “Good-bye” for a very, very long time.

Holly spent nine weeks with Rachel and Deborah in Europe last summer.
Deb and Rach both consider her one of their sisters.


There are just so many good, good times together these days.  Tonight the boys will be coming home with their wives, and the family will be together for about 36 hours.  I am so looking forward to the sounds of “family” filling the big old house that we call “HOME”. That will be sweeter than anything I can think of for the Daddy and Momma at Shady Acres!


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  1. Enjoy those thirty-six hours.

  2. What a lovely “gaggle” (or “giggle” ) of girls!  How special that cousins mean so much to each other, just like our group that got together recently after many years.

  3. @Dominie – “Giggle of girls” i love it!I am happy you have/had this time with your kidlets. What does your Little Love Bug think of G’pa’s lighted village? Actually it looks more like a wonderful “city” than simply a village. I can just imagine the laughter and giggles in your home when everyone is there.Have blessed weekend.

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