Photos from “Little Christmas” 2010

What is more fun than early Christmas at Grandpa and Grammy’s house?

Auntie Rach and Auntie Beebs decorate the tree.
(Well, it really does all end up there! Eventually.)


I have my own little manger scene:

Really!  I have my own!

Grammy bought it for me so that I could play with it.


I can show off the fact that I can do somersaults:

And someone always claps and cheers!


Great Grandma Yoder, who always gives me “Meenyahs” (M&M’s) came and Auntie Rach was here, too!  Oh, Happy Day!


Auntie Jess and Uncle Lem, Uncle Raph and Auntie Gina were here!  Fun, Fun!



I sit with Daddy and Mommy


while Grandpa reads the Christmas story:


And then there is all that paper to wade through!





Big people chairs to steal:


More somersaults to turn for attention


And frolicking on the floor


And what could be more fun than when Auntie Beebs brought out the gifts from Peru and I got a hat all my own?


More fun than that???

Well, Daddy and The Uncles got hats, too, and we all got our picture taken together!


And then, too soon, it was over, and Auntie Rach had to leave for Ohio.
Grammy and Mommy said that she was flying for Thailand this morning around 9:28.

I guess that is right about now!



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5 responses to “Photos from “Little Christmas” 2010

  1. The Little Love Bug did a great job of making this entry! Love the somersaults!  Sure is a nice post with the great pictures! Love the hats too.

  2. Children make Christmas so fun!

  3. Loved it!  I’m glad y’all had such a special family gathering with so many gathered.

  4. Mary Ann, I have only one question: Are you sure that little girl gets enough attention??  jk

  5. Your “Little Christmas” had a star named “Love Bug”!  Such a delight to read in her own words!

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