. . . A time to tear down, a time to build


The 2010 Christmas Village . . .


. . .that gave us all so much enjoyment, (but especially the Small Fry) . . .



Has been taken down . . .


And (along with the manger scenes) been boxed up . . .


And put away.


The Sun Room at Shady Acres is back in place.

And it feels good to have it back to normal after two months of Christmas village.


Now that we can get out of the front door of the Sun Room, we are celebrating our finished deck railing

We are so very happy with how it turned out. 

Thanks, Davey!

I’ll try to remember to post a better picture when the weather turns warmer, but we think it’s really, really nice!


I celebrated the end of the Season by making a big pot of Chicken Rice Soup.

It has been warm and comforting on these wet, cold and silvery winter days.

There is much to be thankful for.
  My heart is full.
And I give grateful praise.



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10 responses to “. . . A time to tear down, a time to build

  1. I bet that did make a BIG impression on a little person!  Your soup looks and sounds delish!  Blessings to you on these dreary winter days~

  2. Wow, that must take some time to set up and take down, but it looks so nice and pretty. I do like your sunroom when put to “rights”. Cozy!!

  3. This Christmas more than most I have been impressed how memories play such huge part in our lives. When I put my gingerbread tree up and then when I took it down again I was flooded with love and warmth of all the special people who have given me my special little gingerbread men. As I looked at that stack of villages I wondered what kind of warm memories happen to CM and CMW as they put this beautiful village up and take it down again. Love you. ~Polly~

  4. It was nice seeing your village via the Internet. I had a much better “feel” for the room this year after having seen it in person in 2009. 🙂

  5. Loved looking at your Christmas Village!!!!

  6. I was sad to see the empty shelves of your Christmas Village, but also know the comfort and feeling of order that surely came with getting your Sun Room back.  It is a lovely space!  And I do love your deck railing – even with snow all around!  So glad you are full of grateful praise – our God is good to give us even simple pleasures.

  7. I’ll have to bring the boys down next year to see the Christmas Village.  Since (Lord willing) it may be our last Delaware Christmas until we’re settled.

  8. Very cozy post.  I think your soup looks SO good!  Love you.

  9. That is huge undertaking, but so worth it.  Love Bud looks enchanted.  Certain Man mus have loved the reward of chicken soup!

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