It’s raining in Delaware.  I happen to love rainy days.  (I know, I know.  Those of you who read my blog with any consistency know that I love rainy days and Mondays and being snowed in and all those things.)

Today, though, it feels like it is raining a monsoon in my heart.  This Momma’s heart is incredibly heavy for a number of reasons.  I stood at the back door, looking out, and realized that I didn’t even know where to look if I wanted to look towards Thailand.  Well, I know not to look West, but our house sits very strangely when it comes to directions.  To tell the truth, I hardly even know where to look when I want to look towards Philadelphia or Holmes County, Ohio.  Oh, I have a very general direction, but I like to know that I’m beaming prayers in the exact right direction . . .

And that stops me cold. 

I know what direction to beam the prayers. 


It doesn’t matter where those kids of mine are, the place to beam the prayers is Heavenward. 

I can do that.

And knowing that, my heart is comforted.

And the monsoon in my heart turns to a gentle, life-giving patter.

“Lord Jesus, hold the people I love in your tender care, giving them strength for this particular day, courage to live Godly, wisdom to choose the right, and your love for their fellowmen.  Remind me once more that your hands reach where mine cannot, and that you love them more than I do.”


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  1. Mary Ann, this post is so precious! The peace that comes when we give it to our Heavenly Father is so soothing, yes just like a gentle rain. Your words are such a ministry to those you touch. Thanks so very much!

  2. I agree with Polly! I feel the same way – I miss my children and pray for them all the time!

  3. And there is no greater way to find peace and rest than to give it all to our Heavenly Father. I understand the monsoon.

  4. Lovely post with sweet reminders.

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