After all the planning and scrambling and packing and planning, Middle Daughter is finally on her way to Thailand to visit Youngest Daughter. 

I sat on my chair this morning, feeling the familiar sadness that I always feel when one of the kids is going away, writing a letter to Youngest Daughter to send along with Middle Daughter.  I picked up my laptop to double check and found a message from Youngest Daughter, written in her inimitable style, last minute, zinger type sentences with just a few more things that she wanted.  She was so happy, so excited and impatient for Deb to be there.  It sent a small trickle of joy through my heart, and I suddenly found myself feeling so incredibly happy.  Someone I love is on their way to see someone else I love. 

And, Lord Willing, she’s coming back.  No one can fill in the details like Deborah.  She has her daddy’s gift of observation.  She remembers things no one else even notices the first time.  I would sometimes say that if I wanted to know what a book was about, I wouldn’t need to read it if Deborah read it first, because she would tell me what it said, almost verbatim.  (You can do that if you have a photographic memory!)

Anyhow, now I am looking forward to her return with great anticipation.  She will probably tell me more about Thailand than Rachel will after being there for nine months.  And that will be a great comfort to this Momma’s heart.

Be safe, Girlies!  I love you.


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  1. Your children like adventures and travel don’t they BEG? What excitement, never a dull moment. I admire them greatly.

  2. Your girls will have fun together.

  3. “Someone I love is on their way to see someone else I love.” This very feeling was my own last year when my oldest daughter got to go spend Spring Break with my son and his family, then was able to go to my Tater’s for Thanksgiving.  It was almost as good as getting to go myself!

  4. Children do give us mixed emotions, don’t they.  How nice that the girls can be together.  I will be awaiting the enty about their experience.

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