While I wasn’t looking, Spring has come to Shady Acres once again!


The Tulips have come — and gone.  They were so delightful this year!


The  Quanson Cherry Tree was more beautiful than ever —

(These blossoms are mostly gone, too. 
Rain and a steady wind make for quick work!)


The Bleeding Hearts are still blooming–


And the Lilacs are almost over, too!


As most of you know, My Sweet Mama has been here with us for the past few weeks.
This has made it possible for us to see some of our family that we don’t usually see.
Last Sunday, those who could make it were here for Easter Dinner.
That was a really special time!  I neglected to have my camera handy, though.

Then yesterday, My nephew, Mike and his lovely wife, Heather were here to visit Mama with their three children.
Middle Daughter has discovered a bubble recipe and found instructions for a very innovative “bubble maker.” 
Mike didn’t take long to figure it out and he blew huge bubbles for his two boys, Jadon and Colin.
while Heather blew small distracting bubbles from the side.


While the boys and their parents did the bubble thing,

Eight year old Lauren climbed trees!


And Certain Man cleaned out flower beds and picked up leaves.

It was a wonderful, end of April Day!


This morning, “Our Kids,” dressed in their Easter Finery, were along to church with us.
Due to a mix-up in communication the week before, they didn’t make it along to our Easter Brunch and program.
Can’t NOBODY tell me these three aren’t just about the cutest things ever!

The last two weeks have been tumultuous at their house.
I’m learning that I can’t fix even small things in some situations.
I’m also learning that God has a plan for this family that is way bigger than I can understand.
It’s my hope that we can make a difference.





Once again, Lord Jesus, may your watchful eye be on the children.




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  1. What beautiful little children and I am sure you will make a difference in their lives. God Bless You for reaching out to them.

  2. All will work out according to His plan.  You are so right!  Lucky little ones to have you to help facilitate His plan if it is possible.

  3. Mary Ann, I am sure you ARE making a difference. God is faithful to use our feeble attempts to His praise and glory. I pray you have the energy to continue to mentor these precious youngsters. Blessings to you. ~ Carol

  4. What precious smiles on those beautiful children’s faces!  It’s amazing to see those smiles after reading that “The last two weeks have been tumultuous at their house.”  I pray the Lord’s protection and grace on that family, too!What a beautiful Spring you had!  My son and dil are still waiting for Spring in Minnesota!I hope your Mama is doing well.

  5. spring is just arriving here.  Lilacs are starting to bloom although the red buds have been budding for awhile.

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