Happy day at Shady Acres . . .

My Sweet Mama is getting better and better.  It is such a relief to our family.  She went to church yesterday, and came home with us for lunch.  Grandbaby Charis is enthralled with anything that belongs to the outdoors, and Grandma had noticed a bug on the window screen leading out to the new deck.  Of course, we needed to investigate.  The poor bug was rather comatose on the arm of the rocker outside the window when this picture was taken.  Charis was fascinated, but wary.

Then Charis got up on Grandma’s lap for some lotion and some hugs:

And then they smelled the flowers together:

This past week was flower planting week at Shady Acres.  I still have a side bed to do and some containers that I would like to do, but I got a lot of flowers planted this past week with Our Girl Nettie’s help.  Charis loves the flowers, and there is a little spot on the railing between Grammy’s new window boxes that is just fine for sitting:

And laughing at Mommy and Auntie Beebs when they make faces:

And smelling the flowers:

(Geraniums sure do smell funny, don’t they?)

And then there is always Auntie Beebs to hug and kiss on:

. . . So many wonderful gifts that I’ve been given.
I am so thankful for each happy day.


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  1. Loved the pictures. Glad your Sweet Mama is getting better. Charis is so cute.

  2. Warm fuzzies all around. So happy with you!

  3. Love how you cherish your momma….daughters, granddear…..I think they are all part of your “flower garden”

  4. Such a lovely happy post with great pictures!

  5. Sweet photos, and lots of sweet memories!  I am thankful with you that your Sweet Mama is better!  Praise the Lord!Have a blessed day!

  6. I am glad your mother is improving. Enjoyed the photos of your beautiful little granddaughter!

  7. great pics!  Good to  see your mom up and around again.

  8. I am very glad your mother is getting better!!

  9. Lovely post, great pictures!

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