Our Girlie is back in Columbus, OHIO!

After several delays, and landing with only the team leader’s luggage, they are safely at the Rosedale International Center in Columbus.

This day was a long time coming.

There is a Daddy and a Momma who can hardly restrain themselves from heading to Ohio, NOW!

We comfort each other with these words —

“Just hold on, it’s only eight more days until we can bring her home.”


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  1. I’m so glad she is back in the states. It will be even better when she gets back to Good ole Delaware. Love that our younguns get to have these over sea experiences. It changes them forever!

  2. Closer and closer!! Praying for peace and patience as you wait!

  3. Have a happy reunion!!!  That is such a lovely profile picture of her!

  4. Beautiful picture of your Girlie Girl. How excited you all must be to actually be reunited again. You are in my thoughts.

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