Sunday would have been my parents’ 62nd wedding anniversary.  The day’s emotions were encompassed by the passing of her brother in law, but one of the things my Sweet Mama said to me has been so precious to me.

I had called her in the afternoon, and said,
“Mama, I know that this day has been so hard with the passing of Uncle Vernon,
but I wanted you to know that I thought about this day,
and I remembered what day it is. 
I suppose that, all those years ago, this was such a happy day.”

“Oh,” she breathed, almost too quiet for me to hear, “that was the day all my dreams came true.”

She’s a brave lady.
We’ve been so blessed by those dreams that came true for her.

I love you, Mama!


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  1. That is just too precious!

  2. Oh what a sweet post on Momma Dear. She is a dear and truly a woman to be praised! Thank you Mary for sharing this post.

  3. What an awesome tribute to the love that brought you here.

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