It’s Autumn at Shady Acres. 

The pilgrims are out:

And I’ve been burning candles and enjoying the many years’ accumulation of fall foliage and little gourds.


The leaves have been falling for a number of weeks,


but we escaped frost until two nights ago. 


A week ago, I went through my yard and took some pictures of the flowers as they made their last big splash of the season:







This morning, all the coleus are hanging brown and terrible!

                                                                       *This is the same plant that is the
                                                                       third and fourth picture in the previous set

And it won’t be long until the rest of the flowers join them.
I’ve brought a very few in — the rest I’m leaving to go to seed for the birds.

Outside, it’s a strange and unfamiliar COLD.

Inside, the pellet stove is burning with its merry and steady light.
We just came through a delightful weekend with good friends, good times, good music and good food.
I’m looking forward to the holidays and some happy family times together. 
I’m not done with the grief, but I am grateful for your encouragement and prayers.

“. . . weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” Psalm 30:5b



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  1. Your photos are lovely…well maybe those frost bitten plants are not so lovely. Your fall decorations are very beautiful. I am glad you are feeling better. Take care!

  2. Enjoyed the short tour through your house and yard! Have a great day.

  3. I loved seeing your flowers before the frost bites!  And your fall decor is so lovely – so warm and cozy!I’m looking forward to the holidays, too, mostly Christmas.  My Tater and her hubby are coming for a 10 day visit!  JOY!!!Still praying for you.  Joy indeed comes in the morning, but I know sometimes the night seems so long…

  4. So beautiful, those plants! Here in Iowa we are also enjoying the last few gorgeous warm days of autumn.. winter is just around the corner.

  5. Yes, Sunday was a wonderful day. Only I didn’t near get around to visit like I wanted to. The day just flew by! But in heaven we will not run out of time…one more good reason to look forward to going there. And yes, my flowers got hit too; especially my beautiful lantana.

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