Remember these pictures?

(At least, I think I put them on . . .)


It’s that time again!
Tonight at Shady Acres.
Bring your own hot dogs, hot dog buns and sticks to roast them with.


Bring an extra “potluck picnic dish”
Drinks and paperware will be provided.

6:30 is when we hope to be able to start roasting the hotdogs

When we are sufficiently full, and the fire starts to really die down,

We will go on a hay ride.



Dress warm, you may even want to bring an old blanket or two–

(because not all of us have “armstrong heaters!”)

bring your lawn chairs, and good humor.

Hope to see you there!



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4 responses to “Remember these pictures?

  1. If only we lived closer! Thanks for the invitation.

  2. What fun!  How I would love to bring my ten grandchildren!

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