Christmas is over, and the decorations are down.  All that’s left is the Christmas Village, and Certain Man hopes to take it down soon.  He had planned to take it down this weekend, but decided to wait another week because of some extra activities this weekend.

When we take down the Christmas decorations, we take down the Thankful wall.  This is how it looked, just before we took it down and stashed it away for future reference:


And I want to post this one entry, made way down in the corner, just before the tape came off:  I think it was one of my favorites, written by our girlie who does the artwork for the Thankful Wall each year.  



“Middle Daughter,” “Deborah,” “Beebs,” “Beeba, “Auntie Beebs,” whatever you might be called at the minute, nothing that you might be called can change the fact that you light up our lives so many days in so many ways, and we are so glad you belong to our family!


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  1. Every home needs a Thankful Wall. What a great idea!

  2. And I am thankful to have a friend like you that has such a thankful sweet heart and that you share your happenings on Xanga! You are an encourager!

  3. Precious sentiments from your Middle Daughter, and ABOUT your Middle Daughter. God gives us such good gifts!

  4. My thoughts exactly – what a great idea. Maybe someday our home will have one.

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