Last week I wrote a poem for a Baby Shower. 

It wasn’t meant to be profound.

Just fun.

At Middle Daughter’s urging, I’m sharing it here.

And no, this isn’t the baby it was written for
(She has not yet been born!)

. . . But this little one has changed our lives in a thousand ways.
And she’s my favorite grandbaby!


And this is the poem —

Baby Clarke

Where love takes wing, and The Blackbird Sings,
There’ll be a baby swing, and teething rings.
There’ll be sleepless nights, and nursing plights
Frilly tights, and sweet night lights.

There’ll be rocking chairs, and teddy bears,
Tumble scares, and bedtime prayers.
Searches for a binky, a Ring for a pinkie,
A Boardwalk prize, dinky, and diapers so stinky.

There’ll be tricycle crashes, resulting in gashes,
And naked streak dashes, and red diaper rashes.
There’ll be Desitin Cream, and vaporizer steam.
Sweet wistful dreams, and “kill spider!” screams.

There’ll be butterfly kisses, and tooth fairy wishes
Cheesy Gold fishes, and baby food dishes.
Dinner time spills, yucky vitamin pills.
First lisping word thrills, and so many bills.

When the bright lights are out and you feel the cold doubt,
And you think all about this day in, and day out
job you’ve taken on, and you don’t feel at all strong.
And something is wrong with the Blackbird’s Brave Song.

Hang in there, dear one. No bright crown is won
While the runners still run and the race isn’t done.
So gather your wit, your faith and your grit.
Being tired is legit, but don’t you dare quit!

(*The reference to the “Blackbird’s Song” is what makes this personal to the baby for which it was written.   “Blackbird Sings”   is this baby’s Mama’s blog.)



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  1. This is so precious.  I’m so glad Middle Daughter urged you to post it!

  2. If you don’t mind I’ll keep that in my Word Perfect.. with your name attached..You DO have a way with words that is so neat

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