Here we are in all our splendor!

I’m sitting in San Diego, waiting for my sister in law to get home from work.  Certain Man and I awoke in the very early morning, and were so encouraged to have Beloved Son in Law drive us to the airport. 

We landed at O’hare in Chicago:


and it was rainy and chilly.  I took this picture through the window of the plane, and tried to upload this one and some others.  This is the only one that came through.  Daniel and I didn’t even get off the plane.

Then we came on to San Diego where it is warm and beautiful and the flowers are blooming  and I took a whole bunch of pictures — but there isn’t any way for me to get them from my computer to this computer, so I will wait for the wifi at some other place and then I will put them on.

Oh, yes, there is one thing I didn’t take a picture of, and I am so glad of it!

We got the plane in Washington and stayed on it until we arrived in California.  The last flight was to last about four hours and I think perhaps 90% of the passengers used the bathroom during that flight.  The bathrooms were extremely small, as plane bathrooms are wont to be, and there was no time for adjusting clothing, combing back hair, etc.  You pretty much got in and got out and hoped that the line wasn’t too impatient whilst you were in there.

I’ve mentioned before Certain Man’s penchant for being the last to leave somewhere.  This was true again today when we were disembarking from our plane.  He had gone to use the restroom after we had landed, because he always plans to be the last to leave anyhow.  I scrunched around on the seat, gathering my computer bag, folding our lightweight blanket, collecting our neck pillows, making sure I had my phone, my camera and everything safely stashed in the purse.  When he came out and everyone else had gone, the stewardesses were waiting for us to finally get ourselves on out of there.  They were gracious, of course, and bid us a fond farewell, and we thanked them, and stepped off the plane — and suddenly there was this dreadful feeling of something tripping me up, and sure enough, with all that scootching around on the seat, my slip had worked itself down and was in the process of trying to fall off.  (I know, Mama, I know.  Always wear a full slip when traveling so these things don’t happen!)  Six inches of white were making themselves known.  I didn’t look back to see who of the crew may have been watching, but it was surely one time when I was glad that my husband likes to lag behind.  There were NO PASSENGERS in the long hall ahead of us, so I discreetly (I hope!) grabbed at that slip through my skirt and pulled it back up.  I held on to it until I found a Ladies’ restroom, and then I safety-pinned it securely so it wouldn’t slide down again. 

Whew!  It is my hope that I have my embarrassing moment over for the rest of this week, and won’t have to worry about what might happen.  But, unfortudiously, I know myself pretty well, and I suspect that there is another moment waiting for me around the corner.  Oh, Dear.  If I wasn’t afraid I would miss something, I’d be more careful.

But I don’t want to miss anything.  Look out, San Diego.  Here I come!



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9 responses to “Here we are in all our splendor!

  1. Oh, Mary Ann!!!!!! I was laughing so hard as I read this that I think Dick thought I was crying!!!!! Please make sure there will be some more adventures and funny stories. You’re so good at telling them!

  2. I love your stories. Do enjoy the west coast.

  3. Are you going to go to the Zoo? My grandson and his wife are in San Diego now. He’s in the Navy.

  4. You made me laugh! I’m sorry you had an embarrassing moment, but thankful it wasn’t worse – and most thankful you didn’t FALL!!Have so much fun, MaryAnn!

  5. LOL! But very happy you had a safety pin handy. I imagine your mother had taught you to always have pins handy if you didn’t obey her to always travel wearing a full slip.I am looking forward to more tales of your adventure!

  6. Why is it we always think of our mothers when things like this happen? (o: That was quite an adventure!

  7. you gave me a good chuckle this morning!  I can relate 2 years ago at our area ladies meeting, I felt something strange around my knees and realized my slip was there instead of at my waist!  LOL I was close to the kitchen so I zipped in there…because I did not have a safety pin I yanked mine off and stuck it in a corner!  I figured with all the women there if I stayed away from doors and windows maybe no one would notice that I did not have one on!!! Have a great time!

  8. Ha, ha! I thought those kinds of things happened only to me. Glad I am not completely alone in that department. 🙂 You have yourself a great time, and don’t miss ANYthing!!

  9. Have a wonderful time–enjoy all those fun things–who knows you probaly gave someone else a good laugh too !

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