Pictures from San Diego

(The story is a part of an ongoing project — it will return. For now, here are some pictures.
(And in case you are wondering — I’m NOT here alone.  Daniel got enough better to come along!)

Some scenes from the Apartment complex:

This is Lena’s apartment house.  She lives on the upper level, next to the far end.

The flowers are spectacular — for these Delaware folks in the middle of February.







This is the view from the parking lot.


And this is the freeway that is close to her house.  
We need to walk over it on our way to almost anywhere.

We’ve been to Sea World, went to Pasadena to see Mary Beth and Joanna, and today we are going on a Safari.

Whoo-Hoo!!!!!!!  So Happy to be in San Diego!!!!!!!



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2 responses to “Pictures from San Diego

  1. It looks warm and wonderful.

  2. Isn’t it lovely?!! I loved California. Wouldn’t want to live there, but it is gorgeous.

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