African Safari — California, this is our Story.

Chapter six

On Saturday Morning, we set out.  Daniel, Lena and I.  We were so excited about this African Safari, and we were NOT disappointed.



The African Safari in San Diego is a broad expanse of land that is an attempt to be as close to the natural habitat as possible.  I have trouble envisioning the hills of southern California to be like the plains of Africa — but Hey!  What do I know?  Maybe this is exactly what Africa looks like!  





















So many things to see — even these ugly birds!  But on our tram ride through the park, there was the most beautiful of God’s creations right in front of us.  This precious little guy, full of life and so entertaining to watch.  No one in his family objected to me taking his picture, and I still like people better than I do all of the animals.  🙂


There was a bird show, and then lots of birds and water fowl that we could follow:








The park was also decorated with beautiful plant life.  This doesn’t do justice, but it shows a little bit of what we encountered all through the park.


We had chosen to eat a late breakfast.  Lena planned to take us to her favorite restaurant of all that evening, and had reserved a table on the pier.  We decided to again forgo any meal in the park — and it was probably sound financial planning to avoid that racketeering industry.  We did each get a drink, and sat and watched the families come through the snack bar.  One family of four had chips, a drink and a hotdog or some other measly lunch each, and I think Daniel told me that it was $39.00   We decided that we would just wait for supper.

Before we left, we watched the Cheetah Run.  I would have pictures of that, but it was impossible to get ringside observation posts without paying ten dollars apiece, and when they said the entire run would take about six seconds, we decided that none of us needed to see it close up that badly!  And from where we could see, things went just fast enough that I didn’t get any decent pictures.  It was still great fun, and we would do it again!

I feel like I’ve “complained” pretty much about how much things cost in California.  Daniel and I have been blessed, and we didn’t want to miss out on things on our trip by being “tight-wads” but we also were completely unprepared for how much everything cost there.  The tickets to the Safari were expensive — $42.00 each, but then almost everything you wanted to do inside the park that was any fun at all was “extra.”  We had decided that we were not going for the extras. ($42.00 each for these Delawareans was steep enough) but we kept seeing signs for this and that, and did a little private figuring.  We got out “unscathed” but realized that if a couple came in there, wanting to do all the extras, it would be very easy for someone to spend a $1,000.00 in one day at the African Safari.  I wish things like this could be provided at a reduced rate especially to families who struggle to make ends meet and who would enjoy times like this together.   I suppose they have things like scholarships, and I know they give reduced yearly passes, but even then, it is steep.  

After the Safari:

Outside on the beach . . 
It had been a really nice day, weather wise, but by evening, things were changing and a weather system was moving it.
It felt like it was freezing and it kept raining off and on
But it was gorgeous!  The waves were spectacular, crashing white heads
that looked magnificent and sounded phenomenal.

But we really were too cold.  So we asked our long suffering waiter if we could be moved inside to an enclosed patio.  There were tall heaters, and the windows were all around.  We watched the waves and had a wonderful meal together.  Lena just plain knows where to go and what to do.  It was another of those super fabulous adventures.


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4 responses to “African Safari — California, this is our Story.

  1. I’m so glad for you, that you had such a special time together.   And by the way, those prices made THIS farmer scringe too!!

  2. The safari looks wonderful ~

  3. BEAUTIFUL pictures! I too can’t imagine spending money on all the extras. I can’t imagine having it to spend. When I finally got to visit Disney this past fall for the first time in my life, it occurred to me that if you wait long enough for some things, your children will pay your way instead of the other way around. (-:

  4. Thanks for sharing these great pictures! I enjoyed the “safari”.

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