Two girlies, pleased as punch.
Loving hands sewed them each a dress.
No reason.  Just promises made and kept.
Thank you, gokum.

I pray that the blessing you were to them
(and to me)
Will come right back
In the most unexpected ways
But at the “most rightest” time.
to bless you even more!


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12 responses to “

  1. Mine too! And I love the mismatched socks!

  2. this just made me very happy because they are so happy! đŸ™‚

  3. What darling dresses ~

  4. What precious girls!And what a special thing to to do!

  5. I’m smiling too. I keep thinking about the word ~kindness~. How kind of Ilva and how kind of you. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is so wonderful, and they look so pretty.  What a special thing to do. 

  7. Such a sweet blessing!  the dresses are adorable, as are the girlies wearing them!!

  8. I haven’t checked Xanga for quite awhile.. so tonight I thought I’d browse through my subscriptions.. and my heart caught in my throat.. thanks for letting me see this…I hope they are pleased..With all my love..

  9. May the Lord bless you ladies as you give your time and love to these precious girls!   New dresses, just in time for Easter, too!

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