Grandma Night, 04/01/2012

We have missed a few “Grandma nights” this last while.  My Sweet Mama has had some work done on her bay window and when the house is all “up in a heaval” it just doesn’t work so well for her to have company.  But last week, her grandson, Chip and his fine wife, Susan and their two delightful little ones, Hannah and Clint III were able to come for the weekend and that caused great stirrings about to finish some of the work and have a “Grandma Night” with as many of us as could make it.  It was a great turnout, but I didn’t get very many pictures.  Trust me when I say that the food was wonderful!  A pot of cream of crab soup, hot, crusty rolls, fruits, little smokies, pizza dips and pizza-ish stuff in a pan, chips and salsa, Chips and a wonderful guacamole kind of dip, Cherry delight, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and a delectable Butterfinger dessert and sweet tea and lemonade and kettle corn and I’m sure I missed some stuff!  (Did I make anybody hungry yet???)  It was so nice to be together, but we missed the ones that couldn’t be there . . . We were missing Nel and Rose, Alma and Jerrel, Clint and Frieda and Bert in our generation, and quite a few from the others.  But the families were well represented, and we had a great time.

Two Fine Nephews, Josh and Joe, during grace before we ate:

(Yepper, I sneaked a shot during prayer!)


And then there were the children:




Then Charis and Clinty


And our three musketeers!

Three little girlies.
The three of them were watching a bedtime story just before we went our separate ways.
Almost the same size, and within a year of age.

Charis, on the left is our beloved only grandbaby.  She will be three this month.
Dorie, in the middle, is Mark and Polly’s granddaughter,
one among ten very beloved grandchildren.  She turned three in August.
And the one on the right is Hannah, Clinton and Frieda’s granddaughter,
also very beloved among four equally precious grandchildren.  She will be three in June.

I kid you not. 
When these three get together, there is

What fun!

What a blessing to be together at Mama’s house last night. 



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4 responses to “Grandma Night, 04/01/2012

  1. Charis is getting so big. What a sweety. How blessed to have so many grandbabies. 🙂

  2. Sweet pictures!  It’s so wonderful that y’all have Grandma’s Night – kinda like our Family Day!  We are blessed to have great families – I pray I never take it for granted!

  3. Great family pictures! Family is a blessing indeed.

  4. It sure it precious to hear of your Grandma Night. The pictures are dear. The food yummy!

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