One thousand ears of Bodacious Corn — husked, silked/washed, blanched, cooled, cut off and into the freezer! And we managed to keep the unwritten rule, too:  twelve hours or less between field and freezer.  Thanks to all my girls who helped!  Christina Yutzy Bontrager, Deborah Yutzy,  Normie Stutzman, Karen Stoltzfus Bontrager, Abi Bontrager and Emma Patterson.  Thanks, also, to Kathleen Marie Maurice, who babysat Alex so Normie could help.  

This morning, when I heard the forecast, and realized that there was a heat advisory in effect, I began to pray for the girls who would be helping, and asking God to bless this day, and that we would be able to get done without  anyone having a heatstroke or anyone getting hurt.  God sent us help in the form of a big old chicken house fan, breezes that comforted and lots and lots of water and tea and liquids to keep us hydrated.

But the biggest gift of all was the cheerful, willing hearts and hands that were faithful through the scorching heat.  Tonight, there are seven families that have sweet corn in their freezer for the winter months, and that is so GOOD.

My heart gives grateful praise!


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  1. We used to have 5 or 6 families who put up trailer loads of corn in a day too.   We had no rule of only 12 hours though.   Oh, what hard work that was, but we, in those days, ate corn 4 or 5 meals a week.   For some reason, I’ve lost my ‘taste’ for corn.   I like it straight off the cob in season, but hardly ever fix it otherwise, just for myself.   Of course, in those days, there were 5 in our family.  Now, there’s only me. 

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful group to help and I bet you had lots of laughter and smiles too–sounds like hard work but a wonderful day!

  3. What a blessing to have a great harvest, and plenteous harvesters!

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