Happiness is an early morning call from the “Middle of nowhere, Uganda” Birthday Girl, where things are going much better than she had anticipated (dreaded!) including primitive bathroom facilities, and a friend to share the experience.  (She was sure that it would be her lot to have a lack of both important elements)  Yesterday she helped to “slaughter a chicken” — (Yeah, Rachel!) but is finding that life in the bush is far more leisurely paced than anything she has experienced so far.  She and her friend are living with a man and his wife who have one child still at home.  (I think she said “daughter” but I’m not sure.  Kinda’ hope so!)  happy  She sounded happy, relaxed, rested and very, very far away.

A great happiness in this Delaware Farmhouse this morning.

Happy Birthday, Rachel.  Daddy and I are so glad that God sent you to our house!


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  1. I’m so happy for you.  I know you are SO lonesome to see her!!

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