November 6, 2012

If any of you expected to hear a political post from me, you don’t know me very well.

I truly have nothing to say about this election.

But this is the season of Grateful Praise, and you don’t have to know me very well to know that this, of all things, is something that is very important to me.  I believe that a Godly woman should wear grateful praise as a garment, wrapped around the sharp edges of her personality, softening the scratchiness of her tendencies, and covering the naked patches of her soul where discontent or ingratitude or pettiness or even impatience would show through.

Ah, my sisters.  We’ve been given so much.  May we not forget.

And tonight, I am grateful for some really ordinary things:

The postal service.  A padded envelope, full of things for my faraway girlie’s birthday, arrived in Uganda today.  Belated, but THERE!

The highway system:  My Sweet Mama and my husband and I traveled for six hours today to get home after a wonderful weekend away.  Roads are wonderful things!

Two rows of lima beans, frozen from the weather while we were gone, which still yielded about six wonderful cups of shelled limas for a good meal later this week.

A house, clean, orderly and warm.  The weekly laundry done, folded, put away.  Curtains, left behind when I went to Pennsylvania, needing to be washed, ironed and rehung — all back where they belong.  A happy Nettie and Cecilia, well taken care of.  Middle Daughter’s conscientious and careful care, coupled with friend Normie’s filling in, and Eldest Daughter’s help made coming home a “gentle landing.”  

And now, my own bed.  Comfy, warm and clean. 

This heart gives grateful praise.



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4 responses to “November 6, 2012

  1. yes no matter who is our president, Jesus is King. 🙂 That I am very happy and glad for in my life.

  2. Much to be thankful for… glad you are back home again

  3. Amen to the third paragraph. I do believe in women (an men) wearing a garment of praise.

  4. What a wonderful way to look at things !! Some of the things you mentioned I never thought about thanking God for–safe roads !! Wonderful thought and I will sure remember that and all the other little things I take for granted !

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