Of Crickets and Spiders and Beasties that jump

Our Girl Nettie was upset last evening. “Mary Ann,” she said, all concerned like. “You have a real problem with spiders! I’ve been killing them. They jump like crickets, but they are SPIDERS!!! You need to do something about them!” 

Yes, well. We’ve called them “Demon Crickets” because they look so evil. Like Middle Daughter, Deborah says, “It looks like a cricket and a spider had an illicit relationship. Nothing that evil looking could have come from a ‘holy union!'”

I understand that they are called (among other things) “Camel Crickets.” Are we the only family plagued by these creatures? They never have any rhyme or reason to their jumping, causing the younger generation to ponder greatly before heading to the basement for anything.

Which brings me to what I am thankful for on this 7th day of November. I’m really, really thankful that it wasn’t MY skirt that one of them jumped up into tonight when there was a quick trip made to the basement.


Sorry, Beebs!

 Correction:  This from Deborah’s comment on my facebook posting:

Deborah Yutzy I need to set the record straight. Rachel came up with the name “Demon Cricket”, and that’s her quote. I said that they looked like a spider and cricket got married and had a baby. Rachel said nothing that ugly could be from a holy union.


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5 responses to “Of Crickets and Spiders and Beasties that jump

  1. I’ve never hear of a cricket like that, and hope I never see one.

  2. I see these on occasion in our basement. I think they are in the crawdad family. (?)  I am freaked out of spiders, but these not so much.

  3. I’ve had good luck with spider control, and several other insects, with a product I get at our local farm store, called Home Defense.  Comes in a white and red gallon plastic jug.  It has a hand sprayer pump you can screw on instead of the lid, but I put it in one of those sprayers you can pump up, because I spray all around the house too, and I don’t have that much strength in my hands to keep pumping.

  4. I call them mutated cricket bugs, and I hate them! I love the quote from Rachel! Indeed, nothing that evil can come from a holy union!

  5. UGH! Those things are horrible!!!! You go to kill them & they JUMP RIGHT AT YOU!!!! Too funny though, we call the ‘Devil Crickets’ in Alabama! HATE them things. They thrive in dark & damp place. Not sure WHY God created them or WHAT their purpose is, other than to cause us heart-attacks.

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