Miles driven, Forgiveness, Thursday blessings, Migraines and Cracker Barrel

For November 14th — So very grateful for a safe trip to Baltimore with our Sweet Mama. Daniel drove, and I don’t know what I would have ever done if I had needed to drive to Union Memorial Hospital during rush hour traffic. I am just so thankful that Daniel took the day off from work, and cheerfully put up with all the whims and wishes of his wife and mother in law.

Also for the 14th — I am grateful for forgiveness granted when I so desperately needed it. And I am grateful for a Bible Study lesson that did not let me off the hook with my many excuses for why I did what I did. (Oh, Lord Jesus! Will I ever learn to button my lip when I am tired, irritated or just plain giving in to my sinful heart?)

15th — I am grateful for the gals who gather on Thursday morning. They love Jesus, their husbands, their kids, each other (and some days not in that order!) but want to be women who make a difference in their world. I look into their faces and am more than a little in awe of the differing worlds in which they operate, their extended circles of influence and thank God for the opportunity I have to know each one of them. I love you gals! And each one of the children have their own special place in my heart. What incredible gifts!

16th — I woke up with a migraine this morning. It’s probably been three years since I’ve had a headache like this one. I shuffled downstairs at 5:30 to a husband who was putting away a table that we had used for crafts for the kids in Bible Study yesterday. He insisted that I take some medicine and spend some time on my chair before trying to start the day. This may seem trivial to some of you, but having that big table out of my kitchen was a big relief to me. His kindness and care for me comforted me even as I struggled to keep head up and tummy down. And then a half hour later, the meds were helping enough to get Cecilia up and showered and dressed and fed, and Nettie up and out the door for blood work. And then my beloved sisters, Alma, Sarah, and our Sweet Mama, and SIL, Polly and I went to Cracker Barrel for lunch in honor of Polly’s birthday this week, and my birthday last month. It was a special, special time. I honestly cannot remember the last time that happened, and it was like a breath of fresh air to my heart — that is carrying some heavy burdens right now on a number of fronts. And then I came home and my good friend, Ruby Donophan was finishing up some windows that desperately needed washing, and everything was so clean and bright.

And so, tonight I give thanks for a husband who provides, forgives, encourages, understands, and loves me. For my sisters and my Sweet Mama, and my sister in law. For Cracker Barrel, and their wonderful half-price sales. For sparkling clean windows, clean, starched and ironed curtains, back where they belong. For people who understand when there are things I cannot say, and for a place to go with the things that trouble me; to know that there is a place of quiet rest.

My heart gives grateful praise.



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3 responses to “Miles driven, Forgiveness, Thursday blessings, Migraines and Cracker Barrel

  1. Thats a wonderful post–all the things you are grateful for but I sure had to laugh at the one on the 15th when you say the gals loved Jesus,their hubbys and kids but not always in that order !! I do remember days when my hubby was on the bottom of that list………. but always makes it back up there-right after Jesus !!

  2. I do enjoy your posts! I liked the words at the end…to know that there is a place of quiet rest.

  3. I enjoyed being with you girls so much yesterday at Cracker Barrel. I know you have had such packed full days but I’m so glad you took the time and graced our table with your warm heart, humor and tears. Love you muchly. Polly

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