Certain Man is safely home.  The day has gone well.  He has wound his clocks, checked on his azaleas and bleeding hearts in the front garden.  (Don’t have a hernium.  He just walked out there with his walker and looked at them.)  He has done some word puzzles and talked on the phone.  He was hungry tonight.  My sister, Sarah, and her daughter, Joni had brought us a five pound box of some gorgeous portabella mushrooms, so I used my Pampered Chef grilling pan with the heavy grill press and grilled him a hamburger with some Canadian steak seasoning on it.  Then I plopped one of those huge portabellas into the pan drippings, and grilled that, too, compressed by that heavy grill press.  When everything was layered on a piece of bread, I put some swiss cheese on top of it all and melted that down a little.  He ate it all up and said it was wonderful!  It did look pretty stellar.  When you’ve got good mushrooms, it’s hard for something not to be good.

He is sleeping now.  He decided that one of the family room chairs will be the best for sleeping right now, but he is doing well enough that I think he could sleep upstairs if he needed to.  We shall see.  When I had gotten my knee replaced, he slept downstairs on the la-zy-boy many a night and that was a blessing.  He doesn’t think he actually needs me, but I think I would feel better if I were where he could wake me if he needed me.

And so, the first afternoon has passed.  I feel like I am on auto pilot, but I’m still so grateful for the fact that the day has gone so well 

Lord Jesus, my heart gives grateful praise!!!




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  1. Nice to see him doing well.

  2. Such good news to hear that he’s home, and so soon.  Praying for both of your comfort as he heals and you care for him.  I love that song – one of my favorite that Fernando Ortega sings.  God bless y’all!

  3. So glad to hear a good report!  Praying it continues.  Blessings~

  4. SO glad he’s getting along so well.  It’s nice to have someone at home, so you can go straight home.   I spent 2 weeks in a rehab hospital for therapy twice a day after my knee replacement.  I had WONDERFUL care, but it was SO nice to get home.  

  5. So glad all is going well for Daniel. I remember when my mom had her knee done that it was a long haul. Praying all will continue to go well for the both of you!

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