Today, another friend went home to Heaven.

Marilyn Showalter,

I know that this is Glory for you and that you are safely home.

But the people who love you are bereft.

And the rest of this old world,

Though some may not consciously note your absence

Is so very much the poorer.



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  1. Several years ago we were blessed to have Don & Marilyn at our church for a week of meetings.My heart hurts for Don and his family.Glory for her indeed!

  2. I am 79 and many are getting to heaven before me. Sorry and Happy for your loss. This planet is getting harder to endure.frank

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss.  Love and prayers to you and yours.

  4. We went to 2 memorial services this week. One was for a 90 years old retired missionary. His wife died a few years ago. When they retired from the field in Africa they didn’t retire from missionary work. He first worked at K-Mart, stocking shelves, and was a witness to his fellow workers. Then he became Pastor to the Sr. citizens at our church. His wife taught Good News classes for years. The other service was also for someone from our church, a 65 year old wife, mother, and grandmother, who had a stroke 14 years ago, and never talked much after that. Her husband and children took loving care of her. We are poorer, but Heaven is richer.

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