Quanson/Kwanson Cherry Tree

Just discovered that the Quanson/Kwansan Cherry tree pictures that I took earlier couldn’t be prettier.


The tree is loaded with blossoms:


Certain Man made a trip to the upper deck in the afternoon yesterday
And I followed with my camera:

This is the Cherry, growing up over the railings of the upper deck.


And then there is the little Amish Buggy Bird House,
Made by Certain Man’s Uncle Lewis Kauffman, of Missouri.

It hangs in the lower branches of the tree.
We’ve been hoping for a Wrenter, but so far, no takers!


And this is the peaceful, shaded and beautiful yard
beneath the tree.  I could spend many a happy hour here:


When the Cherry is blooming and the grass is growing,
I know that spring is truly here.

If I had any doubts, a short interlude at my back deck door
with the birds singing a thousand morning songs
quickly reminds me.

My heart gives grateful praise!





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4 responses to “Quanson/Kwanson Cherry Tree

  1. Oh, my, that is beautiful!!! I would never go inside, I’m afraid!

  2. oh, how I love that birdhouse!!  Where can I buy one?

  3. Beautiful–we are still struggling with warm then cold days in Texas but I did see 1 rose bloom this morning !

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