My Book is Printed . . .

book front cover      Book Back

We are still working on the marketing strategy and have a few things that need ironed out —

But I held the very first copy in my hands this afternoon and still cannot believe it is real.

There are mistakes, as I’ve already found.  But I expected that.

I will be posting how to get one once the big order gets here and I know a little more what I am doing.


Now I need to come back down from my “high” and go clean my refrigerator.

And steam some grapes for juice.

And blanch some lima beans for freezing.

And cook some tomatoes for pizza sauce.

How’s that for a dose of reality on this Glorious Delaware Afternoon?


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5 responses to “My Book is Printed . . .

  1. I am just smiling from ear to ear!!!!!! I can hardly wait to get one. Now when I want to read funny stories to my sisters at our sleepovers, I won’t have to go to my “Mary Ann Yutzy’s Stories” file. I’m so happy and excited for you!!

  2. I am so excited!! I know you are feeling so blessed! And I, too, can hardly wait to get one!!

  3. Lynn C. Lee

    My heart is so full and happy for you dear sister. I look forward to getting a copy as soon as they are available. Love you dearly, Lynnie

  4. Dee davis

    I am so looking forward to the book! Lynn has shared so much about what a gifted writer you are! I will be getting several copies for gifts…it is nice to read good stories about the important things in life …and to have a chuckle or two along the way. Keep us posted when they can be purchased…and don’t stop now I think you are on a roll!!

  5. Lois Larson

    My mom (Mary Alice Fouts) sent a copy of your book to my second oldest girl (Heidi) as she likes to write. We are all enjoying it! I read it in the car on our way home from church tonight (45 min. drive). We were howling with laughter at times! Thanks for the stories and smiles! Keep writing!
    Blessings, Lois Larson

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