Harvest Joy, the Season of Grateful Praise

There’s been lots of activity around Shady Acres, the farm we call Home.  Harvest is everywhere.  The farmers run up and down the roads with their full grain trucks and wagons, interfering with traffic, and causing short tempered people to be even more short tempered.  Delaware’s harvest looks, (at least to my unpracticed eye) like one of the best we’ve had for a few years.  Our squirrels are busy, trying to steal from the bird feeders the winter supply they seem to think they will need.  And, sadly enough, there are hungry people almost everywhere I look.  The food stamp cuts are affecting people I love.

The people in the old farmhouse are looking forward to Thanksgiving and the gathering in of family and friends.  Middle Daughter made and hung this year’s Thankful Wall while I was gone today.  The wrong kind of paper made it necessary for her to do the picture in crayon, and I am just as pleased with the result as I would be with an oil color.  Simple and sweet.


Tonight the candles are burning,


. . . and the pilgrims are stuffed in their various corners and crannies.




And this is Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night) in England and our world traveling Middle Daughter is making a fire in the fire ring and having some friends over to celebrate this happy day.  Eldest Daughter and Beloved Son in Law and Only Granddaughter will join from our family.  Over in Alexandria, VA, Youngest Son is juggling a new job, and lengthy commute to Philadelphia for Grad school as well as a side job as a research assistant, while the Girl with the Beautiful Heart is back at work after the Government shutdown, and needing to exercise her adjectives every day in the situations that she is in.  Out in Cedarville, Ohio, Youngest Daughter is dealing with car troubles, pending tests and presentations and as wonderful an internship as anyone could wish for.  Up in Sugarcreek, Oldest Son and His Ohio Heartthrob are guiding and loving and teaching Oldest Grandson, Middle Grandson and Youngest Grandson that there are things in life that can be trusted (and doing a great job at it, I might say).

And so, with the Thankful Wall hung, the Pilgrims out and the candles burning, the Hot Chocolate Mix is waiting.  Come and see us, sign the Thankful Wall, and have a cup of hot chocolate with us.

Nothing is perfect for any of us, but Certain Man and I are grateful and glad from the bottom of these old hearts.

It is the Season of Grateful Praise, and we give THANKS.


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2 responses to “Harvest Joy, the Season of Grateful Praise

  1. Polly

    Mary I’m so grateful for your post. Thankful that you are my sister-in-law. Cozy, Fall days ahead. Yes we have much to be thankful for.

  2. I’m thankful I have learned to know and love you. Your pictures are so lovely.

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