The other night while I was talking to one of the intended recipients of our annual Thanksgiving boxes, I was impressed with how often he entreated me to please pray for him.  I’ve thought a lot about that in these last few days, and decided that it would be appropriate to include a prayer in each of the boxes.  Tonight as we packed and passed out twenty very nice baskets, this prayer also went with each family’s box:

Heavenly Father,

                May your blessing rest upon this family today.  Where there is sickness or injury, would you bring health and healing. Where there is conflict, would you bring resolution and peace.  Where there is sorrow and sadness, bring comfort and give joy.  Where there is despair, give vision and courage and Hope.

                May this box, given in the name of your Holy Son, Jesus, remind this household that someone cares, someone remembers.  In the days ahead, may their thoughts and hearts turn towards you with honest desires to sincerely know you and find out your will for their lives both individually and as a family unit.

                Oh, Divine Master, no matter what comes into the lives of this family, may they discover your salvation, freely given, yet needed so desperately by us all.  And in this season of Grateful Praise, may this be where our deepest gratitude lies:  That you loved us and sent your Son, Jesus, to die for us so that we might have eternal life.



November 27, 2013 · 3:41 am

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  1. That is beautiful!! Did you write it?

  2. Yes, Jean, I did write it. But we’ve been studying “Sacred Marriage” in our women’s Bible Study group this year and I’ve been incredibly challenged by the things he has to say about relationships — especially those which tend to breed familiarity, contempt and pride. Which, does, of course, portend to a marriage. It has been really good for me as a wife, but far more convicting for me has been the attitudes that I have harbored in the relationships I have with people that I want to “help.” Out of that has risen a very strong desire to say things that will encourage and lift people up — that will bring hope to situations that seem so hopeless to me. So I looked at the insert that we’ve put into our boxes for a number of years (which I had also written) and felt a need for something different. And so, quickly one afternoon, before my thoughts could leave me, I wrote this down. To be honest, we’ve not had any more response from this insert than we have previous ones (which is also zero!) at least it seemed less condescending, and that felt important to me.

    And I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

  3. I hear your heart loud and clear.

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