So.  I wrote a story.

I called it a tragic comedy.

And I worked at it over a week.

It was a LONG story.  Over 2,000 words.

It was tragic and it was also filled with crazy moments.

I was so pleased when it was done.  I hit the “publish” button with great satisfaction

My computer froze, and nothing would fix it.

The only draft that my computer had saved was a short draft from over a week ago.

It SAID that it was saving it, all along, as I checked on it.

But it didn’t.

My story is gone.

I don’t think that is (at least to me!) a comedy.

But probably there are those who would never consider it a tragedy.

I wish I had spent my time on something else.

I wish that I had at least saved my story in documents.

I wish that all the things that always worked before at retrieving posts would work again.

But no!  That would be too easy.

It is what it is.

And my friends have been spared another LONG story.


January 14, 2014 · 1:40 am

4 responses to “

  1. Mary Horst

    And I, for one, am very sorry.
    Mary Horst

  2. Well, this friend would love to read another long story!!
    So sorry that happened – it has happened to me before – FRUSTRATING!!!

  3. caelbe

    Auuugghh. All that creative energy you expend on crafting words, and then – poof. And you can’t imagine recreating it and it sounds exhausting to think about. SO SORRY!!!

  4. I call that a tragedy! I know how that feels. Somehow, rewriting it never seems as satisfying.

    But I wish you would anyway! You have us so curious now.

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