Easter Story Cookies

Here is the post that goes with the photo album that is over on Facebook, called “Carrying on the tradition.” I had blogged the actual recipe with the scripture references back in April, 2006, and I’m reblogging for those of you who may want this recipe. NOTE: This was not the recipe we used for the Bible study children on Thursday.

Delaware Grammy

The following is a recipe that I got nearly ten years ago. I have used it over and over again with the children that have been a part of our family over the years. Youngest Daughter and “our” Hispanic children used to love to be involved with the making of the cookies.(I remember that one year, Vicente broke one of my wooden spoons while he was beating the pecans.) Just this morning, Lupe, who is now 18 mentioned wistfully that we haven’t done this for a number of years. I plan to do this tomorrow evening even if I have to do it all by myself. I put markers in my bible with the references on them sticking out so that I can find each verse without having to spend time looking for them. I hope that some of you will find this to be a blessing in your family.

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