My Turn, My Book

One of the byproducts of reviewing Dorcas Smucker’s book is that people have remembered that I also have a book and I’ve had had a resurgence of (well, actually TWO) orders for my very own book.

A little over a year ago, I self published a book of stories that have happened right here in Delaware on this chicken farm that belongs to Certain Man and me.  I still have quite a few available — somehow it was cheaper to print 500 than it was to print 200.  Don’t ask me why, but that is how it works.  I discovered after I had self-published that most book sellers will not handle self-published books.  I will know better next time — if, in fact, there is a next time.  I will also look for a title that has a little more catch and a LOT less bulk.  🙂

But for now, this book is still available:

book front coverBook Back

The cost is $14.00 each if you pick it up at our house or have somewhere that I can drop it off.

If you want it mailed, shipping and handling is 2.50 for the first book and if you order more than one, each additional one is an extra .50 for shipping.

You can order it by sending a check to

Mary Ann Yutzy

7484 Shawnee Road

Milford, DE 19963

You can order it through my e-mail which is  However, my Beloved Son in Law has made it clear that I should have the check in hand before shipping the book — so I guess I had better listen to him.



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3 responses to “My Turn, My Book

  1. I feel your pain. I have a few boxes of Music@Home DVDs here, yet unsold. Turns out, I’m a really good music teacher, but not a saleswoman at all.

    And by the way, I LOVE your book. I think there will be a next time.

    • Thank you, Jean. Have i ever told you how very much your friendship and encouragement have meant to me over these last eight years. I’m so glad that you made a comment on my Xanga page about Frieda and Clinton way back when. I couldn’t have guessed what was started by that comment/question but it has been a source of joy and comfort and friendship that has been one of the warm circles around my heart. Thank-you! And thanks for this comment.

      Along with that, I feel really remiss here, but what is the Music@Home DVD? Tell me more!

      • I just now saw your above comment, Maryanne. A few years ago Anthony helped me to make 3 DVDs of music classes, particularly for homeschool families. Those who use them love them, but I haven’t done enough marketing of them, because I just hate doing that. My website is

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