Song of a Grateful (albeit struggling) Heart

Home from Bayhealth Milford Outpatient Services!

The last few days have been really intense at this house. Cecilia is SICK with bronchitis and a stomach virus. And OGN has been prepping for that wonderful invasion of privacy, a colonoscopy. Today I give grateful praise for the surprise gift that I received in Nettie’s completely cheerful co-operation and the ensuing great report (she is cleared for five years). I also give praise for the help of my daughters in covering for me when I needed to be gone so that Cecilia could continue her gentle rocking in her chair while she listened to music.

And now I plead for grace to finish state paperwork before the end of the week so that I won’t be called “delinquent!” Which reminds me to give specific praise for a great service team at DDDS (Division of Developmental Disabilities Services). I’ve been granted grace and mercy so many times. And today, when the eyes keep drooping, dropping long lines of extra letters on my posts, forcing me to retype at length, I am grateful for the prospect of a quiet evening at home, when small groups have been cancelled.  There are so many things to bank in my heart against the coming storm and the yearly rattling about of paperwork for the Internal Revenue Service.

I hate this so much! But hating takes so much emotional energy and I have none to spare right now.

Oh, Lord Jesus! Here I raise
The sacrifice of Grateful praise!

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