Unexpected in the Miele

One of the things I do daily in this household of five (and sometimes six) is unload the dishwasher.  It is just one of those things that needs to be done, and I often combine a phone chat while I’m doing it to distract me from the mundane.  So, the other day I was on the phone with someone (if it was YOU would you please remind this fur brain) and I had finished the first rack and was on the middle rack (my Miele model has three levels) that holds mostly cups and drinking glasses and measuring cups and then lids stuffed in among the drinking utensils (so that they can stay upright and are not as apt to collect water).  Between the water and juice and coffee and tea, this rack is always the first to fill up.

Things were moving cheerfully along and I was in fine spirits until I reached for something to put away and I saw the strangest thing.  There was this thing!  A greyish lumpy thing, hung up over one of the grids of the dishwasher rack.  It looked like a small, melted mouse, all hung up and drowned, hung up on a wire.  Its long, skinny tail hung down dejectedly.

I felt sick.  I gingerly pinched its back where it was doubled over the vinyl covered strand and pulled it off, trying not to gag. It was very soft and squishy.  What about that load of dishes, now mostly put away?  How had a mouse gotten into my dishwasher?  I felt like not looking at it, but this thing begged my attention.


It wasn’t a mouse.  It was a large tea bag.  The string trailed its deceptive ruse of a tail, as the grey-brown bag hung from my pinched fingers.


Oh, well.  That’s actually a better scenario.  I put the offending tea bag in the trash and went back to my job.  Nothing like the unexpected to break up the monotony of an ordinary job.

In other news, the first big bouquet of lilacs is on the table, making the house smell wonderful.  How I am enjoying these glorious days of spring!


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One response to “Unexpected in the Miele

  1. I’m just laughing out loud!! I’m so glad it wasn’t a mouse!
    The lilacs are beautiful – I hope you have many more bouquets to come!

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