Youngest Daughter Walks

Tomorrow, Youngest Daughter, Rachel​, Graduates from Bryn Mawr’s School of Social Work, Master’s Program in Philadelphia, PA.  It has been a long road that led to this day, and her Daddy and I are so proud of her.    She has worked hard.  She has persevered when it would have been easier to give up.  She has held on when it seemed that life would wrench her dreams from her hands.  She has believed when doubt and fear laughed in her face.   She has overcome reversals, bulimia, and being a pacifist in a Baptist College.  She has endured loneliness, heartache, and hours and days of wondering what would be next in her life.  Even now, the unknowns in Rachel’s future are far greater than the knowns.

But for every single negative in her life, Rachel has had positives.  She has traveled, she has received accolades and awards and positive reviews and opportunities that few girls in her situation have been given.  She has worked hard, yes!  But she has also been given much, and as her parents, it has been so exciting to see how God has intervened time and time again to give incredible, “best gifts” to this girlie that we have been privileged to parent.

And so, our youngest walks.  A new chapter in her life —  and ours.  And even though it is sometimes hard to see a chapter close, in this case, it is exhilarating, exciting and humbling to think about the story that is Rachel’s life.

“We’ve come this far by faith, leaning on the Lord.  Trusting in His Holy Word.  He’s never failed us yet.”

He never will!



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2 responses to “Youngest Daughter Walks

  1. Jean Dyck

    This is a wonderful achievement! And if she is anything like her parents, she will be a blessing to many!

  2. Congratulations! What an accomplishment!

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