Another Day, a Different Story

Three weeks ago about right now, I got the call from Mark saying that he was with Mama, and that she had fallen, and that he thought something was broken.  I look back over these last 21 days and am reminded again that NOTHING is out of our Father’s sight, care or control.

I need that reminder tonight.  Mama lapsed into a very quiet state today and has barely spoken.  Her breathing is a bit more labored, and she does not respond to much, except to protest when she is moved or to briefly say something when spoken to directly.  I did not try to make conversation with her except to ask her when she looked at me beseechingly whether she wanted to tell me something. She only closes her eyes with a resigned, weary look. The difference between today and yesterday is phenomenal.  But once again, we just never know.  She looks uncomfortable, and has a worried expression on her face while she sleeps, but denies pain when she is asked.  They are trying hard to keep her comfortable.  The staff at Country Rest Home is so kind to her, tender with their touches because they know that it must hurt somehow because of how she protests.

I told her yesterday that when I was a little girl, it didn’t matter what the problem was– cut finger, scraped knee or broken heart, she always knew how to make it better.  I wish that I could make this better for her.  Even though I cannot, we know the one who can, and in His time and by His Grace, it will be wonderful.

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