Profile Pics and Penguins

It was just one of those crazy things on facebook.  “How old do you really look?” asked the headline, bold and insistent.  One of my younger girlfriends had taken the test and it declared her to look like she was 28.  Which she declared to be her actual age.  I’m not gonna’ say what her real age is (I don’t really know, Judi!) but I suspect that she is a few years older than that.

Anyhow, my interest piqued, I decided to take the same test.  I forgot that my flamboyant Coleus was what I was currently using for my profile picture so I plowed ahead with the little procedure.  Imagine my surprise when the results came back that I look 24!  Words were thrown around like “Absolutely Amazing!” “Confidence”  “Vitality” and I was genuinely puzzled.  What in the world was going on?  And then I realized that this was all based on a pretty plant.  Not my sensationally youthful face.

Alrighty then.

I should have known.  I mean, I really am not under any sort of delusions of grandeur when it comes to whether I am young or not.  I think being a Grammy helps me to keep a realistic view of things when it comes to my youth or my lithesome appearance.  I enjoy a relationship with our granddaughter that allows her to say pretty much anything she wants to say to me and this is what she said to me one hot day last week when we were walking together.

“Oh, Grammy!”  She said with a conspiratorial giggle.  “You walk just like a penguin!”


This morning my heart gives grateful praise for a container of “absolutely amazing” coleus, for a 61-year old body that still does what I need it to do, for penguins and for granddaughters who don’t mind walking with one.


Our beloved granddaughter, Charis, reads to her Great-Grandma Yoder’s bird, Pretty Boy.


The infamous coleus profile picture.

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