Grammy Nights and Busy Times

It was Grammy Night. Charis had come into the house with lots of high hopes for what she wanted to do. But I hadn’t gotten input from Grandpa about the spray painting that I had hoped to do (and I know enough to know that it isn’t a good idea to just go about and randomly change the colors around here).

So we washed her “squiggwie fings” (water beads that grow in water that get smelly after a couple of weeks and need rinsing off) and washed dishes. She had some snacks and I told her that we would go and plant the marigolds once Auntie Beebs was able to help us. She found a fly swatter and tried to kill the flies that kept buzzing in and out, and made a few trips outside to ride her bike out to check on the kittens.

And then came back in and stood quiet at the kitchen sink, watching me work. It was then that I heard a pensive little voice say, “Well, Grammy. I’m not having the kind of fun I was hoping for tonight.”

There was no anger, no angst or incrimination of this Grammy who just wasn’t measuring up. Just a quiet stating of facts that made me smile — but also gave me a reason to ponder a bit.

Ah, yes, my Charis-girlie.  I hate to tell you, but you might as well get used to it.  Over your life span, I’m afraid that there will be a whole lot of times that we don’t have the kind of fun we had hoped to have.  But if you just hold on, keep that heart of yours right, and let God work it out, you’ll find that there is great satisfaction in what you are able to do.

And if you hold on even longer, you will discover that satisfaction is worth a whole lot more than just having fun.

For Grammy nights, for words from my grandchildren, for marigolds planted and a friend from long ago that is sleeping upstairs in my spare bedroom.  For an old bike made new, for container gardens, for the winter supply of pellets safely unloaded, for a husband who puts up with so much and for progress for my Cecilia-girl, for this and so much more —

My heart gives grateful praise.

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  1. thesoundofhisvoice

    Always love your posts, MaryAnn, but I do not always respond, so I want you to know that I read them and hope you keep them coming!

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