Borax Ant Poison Mixture


½ cup sugar

1 ½ tablespoons Borax

1 ½ cups warm water

1.  Mix the Borax and sugar together until well combined.

2.  Add the mixture to your warm water and mix constantly until the powder has been completely dissolved.

(Use only what you need for the next step and store the rest in a jar or container for future use. It is important that you clearly label the jar and keep it out of reach of children.)

3.  Some people saturate cotton balls and put them into the path of the ants.  I prefer cutting index cards into squares of about 1½” and putting a small amount of the mixture on it and setting it into the path of the ants.  Sometimes I have even put a drop or two of the mixture on the counter in an out of the way place and left it for a day or so.  The ants go right after it and then they disappear in a few days.  This picture was taken within a half an hour after we put some out in Christina’s kitchen last night after the movers had left.  Charis and I had put several little stations out, and this one was the most popular, with “customers” within two or three minutes.  This picture is enlarged 5X at least.  These ants were really tiny.

Deborah's Ants


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One response to “Borax Ant Poison Mixture

  1. Juanita Detweiler Jutzi

    We get those little tiny ants every summer, and have found this recipe to be most effective. Ants are usually gone within 24 hours and we don’t see them again until the next summer. 🙂

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