July 4, 2022

  Almost every year for the past 25 years or more, on this particular day, Shady Acres has had a big picnic with friends from church, family, neighborhood and even from afar, gathering to eat, play, and fellowship. There was always the Jones Express, activities for the children as well as the adults, relays and water games and it was hot, with flies and other things that bothered, but it all seemed to be worth it!

Life happens, and the last seven years have taken a toll on Certain Man and Delaware Grammy. There have been so many things to come into consideration and we realize that we aren’t as young as we once were. (Fancy that!) Also, The June days of these last years have held deaths and funerals and health crises and so many unexpected schedule challenges.

This year is no different. We had hoped to have the annual picnic this year until Middle Daughter’s cancer diagnosis and we realized that surgery was going to complicate more than just her life. It was with a great deal of relief, actually, that we realized that the Certain Man and Delaware Grammy were on the same page in their thinking. There was to be no Fourth of July Picnic at Shady Acres this year.

However, I had planned to have a quiet day, and maybe Middle Daughter would have recovered enough from her bilateral mastectomy that she could join us for an afternoon cookout as a family. If not, we could go over to Ambleside Cottage and at least be together as a local family.

Instead, I’m heading for the hospital this morning. Deborah was admitted yesterday with blood clots in both lungs and one in her left leg. She is doing pretty well. She is discouraged, and there has been a lot of pain. Please pray for our girlie. Our Heavenly Father is not surprised by this, and He walks with us. It makes even my darkest valley a place to walk with courage and confidence, and I am so grateful. But it’s hard to see our children suffer (something that has happened to us a lot in the past two years) and if He wasn’t with me? I do not like to even think about it.

So say a prayer for us, but especially for our Deborah Girl. We are so grateful for the love, support and prayers that have been so freely given to us. We need the prayers of those we love and who love us. 


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10 responses to “July 4, 2022

  1. Linda Willey-Impagliazzo

    God bless Deborah with healing strength and clear arteries so she may enjoy life and her special calling. She has been in my daily prayers🙏💕🌻
    Hugs to all ❤️

  2. Esther

    In much prayer for Deborah, and for you and your family!

  3. nonnie215

    This is a difficult road to walk. We will be praying for all of you for peace, comfort, and healing. Juanita Jutzi

  4. sue swartz herr

    Yes, Lord Jesus. Hold Deborah and her family. Heal her body, I plead. Ease the pain. You, Lord—be her peace.

    “Healer of our every ill,
    light of each tomorrow,
    give us peace beyond our fear,
    and hope beyond our sorrow.”

  5. Cindy Larimore

    Oh MaryAnn I am so sorry to hear this . Prayers for the good lord to put his healing hands on Deborah to heal her and his loving arms around her and your family to comfort you .❤️

  6. Mary Horst

    I, Mary Horst, have been following and really enjoying your posts for quite a long time. I am so sorry for the grief you are going through with your daughter’s diagnosis of cancer and other difficulties in your family. I will definitely be praying for you and your husband, starting right now. May that incomparable peace that only our Heavenly father can provide give you strength and endurance as you face the days ahead. And may He grant you truly restful nights. Do update us, your readers.

  7. Brenda Yoder

    Praying and praying for your family…

  8. Edlyn Jacono

    So sorry to hear about Deborah. I will keep her in my prayers. May God heal your heart. EDLYN

  9. Pat crabb

    You are a dear family and your love and faith will carry you through.
    Prayers to all. Love, Pat Crabb

  10. Gaby

    Miss Mary ann i always say you are the most good women that i ben meet in my life but I always thought the people that believe in Jesus don’t get hurt o in pain but now that iknow more about God i know that is not true just God give us something for he can see how much we love him like job and i know you believe in him and love him this is why I know she will be ok we love all your family and i will pray her with all my heart

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